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Turn for service

We know from our own experience that it is not always easy for wait staff to see when guests want to order or checkout. After regular long waits, we came up with a simple but effective solution. We call it the IXI: (I see) that you want to be helped

When your guests want to order or check out, they turn the IXI lamp over. Your employees will notice the lamp turning red and will be able to react more quickly as a result.

So the IXI is a signalling lamp, but it is also more. It has a lovely design and offers ambient lighting. It is a tool for hospitality entrepreneurs and advertisers to communicate with one another. It is also used as a management tool by hospitality entrepreneurs.

It operates simply and effectively, without the use of cords or costly connections to your POS system. Just lovely mood lighting with a purpose.


  • Atmospheric
  • Satisfied guests
  • Custom design (optional)
IXI NOW Signaalverlichting signaalverlichting turn for service


  • Saves personnel
  • Served guests quickly and undisturbed
  • Your employees work more efficiently
Turn for service


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Optimal guest experience thanks to efficient service

The IXI is your new tool for optimizing your hospitality. The stylish IXI emits warm twilight light, creating an atmospheric ambiance for your guests. And do they want to order something? They make it clear with one turn of the IXI. The lamp then turns red, allowing service staff to see at a glance that service is required. The guest does not have to pay attention to the service staff and experiences optimal guest experience.

Cheaper than candlelight

  • Cheaper than candlelight
  • Oil lamps cost a minimum of 5.50 euros
  • And this price goes up to even 15 euros.
  • The IXI is at least as atmospheric

Earn extra with ixi ads

The IXI offers exclusive space for advertising. Promote your own products and also earn extra money by selling this advertising space to others. Experience shows: IXI yields more than it costs! Check out the possibilities for advertising with IXI.


Boost your sales and hospitality

More satisfied guests, more earnings, and lower costs. You want that too, don’t you? With IXI mood lighting, your wait staff will work much more efficiently and your guests will be served even better. And with the advertising revenue, IXI gives you extra earnings! Experience shows: IXI is a boost to your earnings. You want that too, don’t you?

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  • Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use (IP65)
  • Operates on a long-lasting battery.
  • Wireless charging, charging time 8 hours.
  • Programmable to your choice; 9 different colors, flame......
  • Fully programmable as desired; alarm, the intensity of light, method of signaling, and acceptable wait time.