Achtergrond afbeelding turn for service signaal verlichting

How does it work?

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The IXI is your staff’s signalling system. Your guest turns the IXI over to indicate that service is desired. IXI also serves as a tool for communication between you as a hospitality entrepreneur and advertisers. It works simply and effectively without the use of a cord or costly connections to your POS system. Just lovely mood lighting that also serves a purpose.

Why IXI?

WANT TO BURN YOUR MONEY? Your guest is not coming for your beautiful oil lamp, that atmospheric candle, or that designer lamp. Your guest wants attention and a pleasant evening. And you? You want to make money. This is possible with IXI: table lamp, signal function, and turnover booster all in one!



In 9 colors

You as a hospitality business owner can easily, through the charging station, set the IXI to the desired color at the touch of a button. This gives you the ability to change the color at any time of the day.

IXI kleurvariatie wit


IXI kleurvariatie roze


IXI kleurvariatie blauw


IXI kleurvariatie aqua


IXI kleurvariatie groen


IXI kleurvariatie paars


IXI kleurvariatie geel


IXI kleurvariatie flame


IXI kleurvariatie oranje



  • Higher customer satisfaction: your guests are served faster
  • Communication with your guests:via your own logo, website, or QR code on the IXI.
  • The IXI is a management tool:staff can work more efficiently, increasing sales and reducing costs
  • Lower cost:the current lamp or candle can be taken off the table
  • Additional revenue:you can create advertising revenue by having your advertisers' information placed on the top and/or bottom of the IXI


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Slow-filling red
Red top/ring only
Candle function
Candle function "OFF"


The charging station is easy to attach to the wall, this way the charging station is not in the way. Does it always hang in the same place, so all your staff can easily charge and or put the IXI on the table.


We attempted to make charging the IXI as simple as possible. At the end of the day, you stack the IXIs 30 high on the charging station. When you remove the IXI from the charging station after 10 hours of charging, they turn back on automatically. Every day, they are on the table within minutes and work for up to 16 hours.